Spain III 2012

Coffee, was of course, my first thought upon waking up in Liereganes. The Bed and Breakfast had a homey feel to it so I felt comfortable enough to only put on some flip flops and make way down stairs to grab myself a quick cup of coffee. It was not as easy as I hoped, the wife/ innkeeper must have thought I looked hungry because she went all out and proceeded to try to sit me at a table so she could serve me properly. I tried to resist but stopped myself because she looked like she was really enjoying herself, instead I asked if I could be seated on the patio outside. She looked at me like I was insane, it was cold, windy and looked like it was going to rain at any moment. Outside the Inn every thing was green, flowers were in full bloom and the patio set was wrought iron with a table top decorated in mosaic tiles. I enjoyed the quiet and took just a couple of pictures while waiting for the coffee to be brought out.

I wish I would have taken a photo of the whole spread but shoulda woulda coulda..I didn’t. There was a carafe of coffee, a stainless steel pitcher of steamed milk and a basket of bread with jam. I think I have figured out why the coffee is so much better in Europe. I believe there are two main components, both of these having to do with the milk, their cows are not fed corn and grains to quickly mass produce so the milk tastes much better and they steam the milk. At home, I simply brew the coffee and throw in some cold half and half, most likely from an over corn fed does not taste any where near as delicious as the coffee I had in Spain!

Oops, I almost forgot! Here is a pretty flower from the garden at the inn..I don’t know what it is but it’s pretty 😉

After coffee I went back to the room to shower, get ready for the day and pack my things so we could check out. The guys were coming in around five to check into the other hotel, they made a reservation for an extra room there for us so we didn’t have to worry about that and we had some time to kill so we walked around the sleepy town of Lierganes. Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

In a way I cannot explain, this is my most favorite photo I took from the entire trip. The history this man must have in his memories, I wonder has he lived in this quiet town his entire life or does he have amazing stories to tell from his past? I love that he is, most likely about ninety years old, still walking around his town and enjoying the beauty that is.

These little ducks had their own oasis in their owners backyard, I feel a little sad for the one on the right. It looks as though the other ducks are in a huddle talking smack about her, ha!

Notice the flared nostrils? Yea, so did I along with his stomping his front foot. He was not very happy that I interrupted his feeding session!

So pretty!

Dang it, I forgot until just now that I wanted to hike myself over up the wall to see what was on the other side!

Their were succulent plants all over this town, this was one of the most elaborate displays.

Sweet long shot of an elderly couple still in love.

So much green!

Looking back at these photos brings back to mind how quiet this town was, how many elderly people reside here and how much I kept thinking to myself….why on earth would a band like Hogjaw play a show in a town like this? Where will the people come from? Will they even like the torrential rock that would soon shake their town?


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