Ready for the weekend!

Thursday night has arrived, to me (and many others out there) this means one more day of work and I am free to do as I please for three full nights and two full days!

The husband, Jason,  is at band rehearsal and the daughter, Kiah, is hanging out with friends so tonight I am spending the evening relaxing, watching mind numbing reality shows, surfing the internet and enjoying a half glass of delicious Kahlua, vodka and milk.

Friday will be a long day of work, a long drive home ( I commute about 63 miles round trip for my job..thank you to Martine Rothblatt for creating Sirius Satelite Radio!!) some cooking, some wine and maybe a movie.

There will be no going out on the town for me this Friday..Saturday night is going to be a long one! Jason and his band (Hogjaw..check ’em out at ) are playing a at a local North Phoenix venue, The Blooze Bar, which means we will be out until around three in the morning. I need to save my energy for this one!
Hogjaw knows how to put on a show, its usually a line up of three or four bands a lot of fans, a lot of friends and a lot of family. Saturday will be a bit different, there will be three bands and in between sets (and after the live bands play) there will be a DJ spinning 70′ vinyl!!

Pictures and stories to follow on Sunday!


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Living one day at a time and making the best of it!

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