Great News – Army Wives !

Thursday night I fell asleep to the great sounds of a true Arizona Monsoon and was greeted in the morning with beautiful clouds along the long path to the office. The work day, as expected, crawled by as slowly as possible but come four P.M…my weekend had begun!

Everything was going according to plan, I had a nice dinner with Jason, did some couch surfing while watching “The Fifth Element” for the umpteenth time (great movie, by the way) and made my way at eight P.M to pick Kiah up from work.

Kiah works at a retirement center and is supposed to clock out and be ready to go at eight. It never fails, every time I get there, she forgets there was one more task she has to do and there I sit, in the parking lot for another twenty minutes waiting on her.

While I wait, I check emails or play my favorite computer game (Bejeweled). Last night, I received an email from a Music Producer that simply said, “I wanted to let you know that the ARMY WIVES episode featuring Hogjaw’s “Hell’s Half Home” will air on Sunday, August 26th.”



I have been working with this Music Producer for a few months and had known the show was interested in using Hogjaw’s song in one of their episodes but had expected it to be aired NEXT season! I was more than excited to hear the debut of this song on the show is going to be so soon!

I am curious to see how much of the song they use, will they use just the instrumental version or will they have the vocals? How will the song fit into the story line?

Sunday evenings are spent watching our favorite shows, this airing is going to interrupt our Sunday night routine but we are more than ready to watch Army Wives on Lifetime this Sunday at 10PM/ 9PM central!!

Tune in everyone and let me know your thoughts after you’ve seen the show!! You can find the video for the song that will be used at


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