Great news….or is it?

Last I wrote, I was excited to spread the word about the debut of musician’s Hogjaw airing on an episode of Army Wives. Jason and I sat in front of the television and watched fifty three minutes of this show, of which we had not ever followed, and here it comes the scene! A neighborhood bar, in the process of being sold, the owners and the employees were fretting over their future lively hood and faint, ever so faint, in the WAY background, we could here a couple of riffs from the Hogjaw song, “Hells Half Home of Mine”.

It’s hard to say we were disappointed, after all, a music producer took the time to listen to the song and select it for a specific scene AND the group was paid and recognized for it. On the other hand…I pumped this “debut” up to be a pretty big deal and I am a little embarrassed it was so….nothing :/

On the Army Wives website, they have a music tab where they post music from each of the episodes, hopefully at least they will list the song on the site for people to listen and BUY 😉 I keep checking but it looks like the people responsible for adding the music to the site are a few weeks behind. Fingers crossed!


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