Homeless in Arizona

This weekend I plan to start working on my first photographic essay. I have been wanting to take Urban photos for quite some time but I can’t seem to muster enough courage to ask strangers, “Can I take a photo of you?”

It wasn’t until just about ten minutes ago that I decided to not only head downtown to get started on this project but now I want to make it bigger, a whole Homeless in Arizona series, complete with photographs of the Homeless in AZ along with a write up with some of their stories.

I have never done anything like this before so any input from the blog o world would be GREATLY appreciated!


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6 thoughts on “Homeless in Arizona”

  1. Hey I have done things like this, asking if you can interview people off the street or take photos of them in the public area, and most people are fine with it so long as it doesn’t take too much of their time. Just says it will only take a couple of minutes. Also if you are wanting pictures of the homeless just be careful. Hope this helps.

    1. Yes! Thank you and I will most definitely be careful 🙂 I am bringing my brother-in-law with me!! Did you ever post your similar experience? If so, what how was it received? Thanks again!!

  2. Haha no problem. I’m afraid I didn’t post them on my blog – it was for my studies – and put in a colleg art exhibition and the interviewing with people on the streets was edited and made into a radio documentary – it was recorded well on both ends.

    And I’ve put Hogjaw on BlogThatMusic. If possible could you follow BlogThatMusic and like the new Facebook page set up – of would mean a lot. Thank you!

    1. Oh! That is my goal with this thing…to get it in an art exhibit!
      And ??? you do the BlogThatMusic??? Small internet world – I just found that blog while looking for good things to read!!
      Thank you for posting Hogjaw and I will go like and share your FB page!!

      1. Haha oops I forgot to say, yeah I do the BlogThatMusic and thanks. Hope it was a good read.

        Well I hope the project goes really well. Please let me know and put the pictures up on here so I can have a look 🙂

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