Keep gets better!

What a weekend! If you remember, from my last post, I took a “vacation” day this Friday to take care of some “personal business” (still yet to be disclosed). It was so nice not to have to drive to the office and sit in a cubby hole all the live long day. I did wake up at the normal time (six a.m), got dressed and headed straight to the grocery store..I was out of coffee and needed it something fierce! I grabbed a box of hair dye as well (shhh! don’t tell my hair dresser! He will freak out) I couldn’t help it though..these crazy gray hairs just seem to pop up over night..SO..I needed to cover them up ASAP!

Coffee, hair dye and a trip to the nail salon..that was my Friday morning. The coffee did its job, the at home hair dye job did wonders but the nail salon trip? Sadly, didn’t work out as well. I am not happy with the nails but they served their purpose for the afternoon. You see, I have been a nail biter since I was an itty bitty Kristi. I quit biting a few years ago and have been doing SOOO good until my best friends puppy got Parvo. While setting up a donation site for the family to pay for the extraordinary costs of saving this puppies life..the good new is puppy Brody girl had an amazing Vet and her life was saved; the bad news is, in the process, I bit off all of my nails to the nub and have not been able to stop since. Bad habits are so hard to drop! Ugh! Because I had some “personal business” to take care of, I felt, I needed to be presentable and not show up to a meeting with potato farmer hands, I put the crappy nails on.

After the “personal business” was attended to, I drove home, showered and got ready for the night out. Jason had a reunion show with a band he played with about ten years ago called the Kyds Vs Columbus at the Yucca Tap room in Tempe, AZ.

Jason stuffed his entire drum kit into the trunk and back seat of my car around eight-thirty and we drove on out.
The place was packed and LOUD! Five bands were on the bill and the Kyds were on was going to be a long night. I was glad for Jason when all three of his bandmates from his current band arrived, that meant a lot to him. I think we got there around nine thirty and the drinking commenced, well with him and his friends ( I was the driver so no drinky poos for me that night). I am pretty sure every band member was carrying a pretty good buzz by the time they hit the stage at twelve-thirty (but we would have never known, they didn’t miss a beat)

Or maybe they did, I don’t think any of us would have known. I am not a fan of hardcore style but I am a huge fan of excellent musicians and these guys are awesome to listen to and watch live. The “singer” (screamer might be the better title or maybe front man would be an even better, more professional description) is so animated and wiley during the performance. Swinging the microphone around like a mad man, I was waiting, on edge, for him to swat Jason upside the head with that thing (luckily that did not happen). He climbs on the bass drum like a monkey, swings off rafters on the ceiling and throws himself on the floor, its great fun to see.

Even after over twenty years of watching Jason play the drums, I still am in awe every time. I promise, I am not just being biased because I am his wife, he is truly a phenomenal drummer. He plays with such passion and internal rhythm it is hard not to stare with a dropped jaw. Both of the guitar players are just as passionate as Jason and the front man – they all lose themselves in the groove. My one complaint..the bass player. he hides? Ninety percent of the time, he plays with his back to the crowd and covers Jason. It looks like he is playing only…for Jason.

The crowd was insane – watching them is almost as entertaining as watching the guys play. The music is hard and fast and the people in the crowd were throwing themselves at each other just as fast and hard as the guys were playing. No fighting at all – it was all in good fun. For me a little scary none the less, I do not want to hit the floor and I do not want someone slamming into me..I do not like pain.

I tried not to move from the spot I staked claim to but I really wanted to try to get some cool pictures so I had to move from here to there. This task proved to be difficult and I had a a few road blocks. One, the place was packed. I had my size and gender on my side to make it a little bit easier to pass through.. it’s more easy for a small woman to move in and out of crowd. Two, I wanted to avoid getting pushed and slammed into the crazy crowd people and three, I am not a tall girl at all. Being short in a crowd full of tall people sure does not make being a photographer easy.

I went to the back of the room to the sound booth and asked the girl working the board if I could stand there and take a few shots. She was nice enough to help me out and I was able to stand on a stool in the sound booth and take a few good crowd/band shots. Mind you, the lighting in this place is terrible, these are not my best but they are, sadly, the best of the night.

They ended the set, left the crowd wanting more, packed up and we were on the road to home by two-fifteen. I was sober and I don’t even remember going to soon as I put my head on the pillow, I was OUT.

I had full intentions on writing about my entire weekend on this one post but I am going to be like the Kyds Vs Columbus and leave you wanting more! 🙂


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