I Normally Don’t……

Post two days in a row. I felt it was necessary, in this case, because my Friday was so eventful! Not to mention..I have THE worst memory on the planet. If I were to wait another few days, It is very likely, I would completely forget the weekend.

Where did I leave off? Oh! yes..I left you at my pillow at three in the morning.
Three in the morning. I wish I could tell you I slept soundly until noon. That was not how the story starts, oh no, I woke up at nine a.m. Some would say (my husband in particular)  “Six hours of sleep is plenty”!
No..no it is NOT. Not for this girl. I need at least seven hours, eight would even be better but that never seems to happen. I guess I can sleep when I’m dead, right?
So, yea, nine a.m and it was time to start the typical weekend morning rituals. Coffee (a duh!) and jump online to check emails and of course Facebook while I wait for coffee. 🙂
Oh, I’m rambling? Yes, because you see…I’ve already forgotten what my morning consisted of. I do remember I had to take Kiah to work – I think that was around…ah whatever. Apparently my day was extremely unnoteworthy.
Jason and I left for Tucson around four in the afternoon. Traffic was terrible, the drive from home to Tucson is not a fun one – most of the way down is only two lanes and we have inconsiderate truck drivers on the road who feel they can drive in the fast lanes. Some states have laws for truck drivers, they are only allowed in the right lanes and no passing. I strongly feel we should adopt that law. I-10 from Phoenix to Tucson and vice versa is notorious for its high number of deadly accidents involving semi trucks and four wheelers. This post is not about the law or inconsiderate drivers so no – I won’t be doing any research to give you statistics. I’m just sayin’ 🙂
When we got into the Tucson, we stopped off at our friend Don’s house and visited for a bit then went to the screamer of the bands (Kyds vs Columbus) house. Him and his wife live, work and go to graduate school in Tucson. I had met the wife the week prior but did not have a chance to talk with her. I don’t hit it off with many people very often so I was happy there was little to no effort in our conversation. We talked about the school systems and writing and had a glass of wine. Too bad she had to finish a paper (or something school related..she is a graduate student and teaches fifth grade English..if my memory serves me correctly). 

By the time I let her be to finish her work, the guitar player and his girlfriend arrived and we all talked and listened to records for a little longer.
Our next stop was a BBQ.
J and I were not feeling very social so we told the guys, ” We’re going on a walk about..see you at the venue in about an hour”. It was dark and the heat from the day had finally gone so it was a nice walk. We found a dingy Mexican restaurant along the way, stopped in to eat and enjoy some quiet. HA, not really..the club across the street was JUMPIN’ – dubstep music so loud I am pretty sure I felt our table jiggle. It wasn’t terrible, it was actually kind of amusing. The waiter was the most gracious waiter  I think I had ever made contact with, maybe it was because the music across the street was interfering with his business or maybe it was because with all of the MAJOR construction going on in the neighborhood the are elated to have ANY patrons? I think it’s the latter.
Regardless, it was a nice dinner (well, I had breakfast but you get what I mean)…even nicer? Spending time talking, enjoying food and a nice walk with my Jason.
The rest of the night would be madness. 🙂
It was around nine-thirty when we got to the “venue”, I had warned the guys earlier, “This place is SMALL”. I had pulled up the venues website before we left for Tucson, just to check it out, and the website had a picture of the “space” — it was as big (rather..as small) as my living room at home. No stage, no drum riser and highly pitted concrete..similar to asphalt. There were stairs leading to a loft where they were selling thrift store clothing and shoes and….beer. mmkay?
We (the band and girlfriends/wives and friend friends) hung outside for three hours talking and waiting for the guys to go on. When midnight-fifteen came along they loaded up and I went in to catch a spot on the stairs. In between bands the majority of the people inside go outside to get air and/or smoke so I knew it would be prime time to get a good spot.
Same scenario..lighting was HORRIBLE..these are the best I could get:







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