To write..or not to write..

Five-thirty in the morning, semi sleeping actually envisioning myself sweeping sections of the floors downstairs and then mopping them. On a Sunday? This is a little ridiculous but I got out of bed, made coffee and plopped myself in front of the television. I found myself watching a program on PBS called the “GED Connection” todays topic was on writing. I became inspired and here it is an hour and fifteen minutes and a giant cup of coffee later and I am still on the couch…wanting to write.

One of the points made in this program that I hope to never forget is…If you have something in mind – get it out – don’t worry about grammar, don’t worry about how you’re going to start, don’t worry about complete sentences. Too many times writers confuse their roll in the creative process of writing with that of the editor. Of course you cannot publish a story or book full of run on sentences or a grammatical nightmare but you can get the complete product down on “paper” and edited it later. The sad part is ther have been many times I have had something in my head that I wanted to get out – I would sit at the computer and start writing only to quit fifteen minutes later because I couldn’t come up with the perfect introduction.

From here on out, I am making a promise to myself and will make a conscience effort to spit out my thoughts as they form in my head. It may be difficult for my readers out there, I warn you. Expressing myself tends be a bit more difficult when there are SOOOO many random thoughts bouncing around in my head!


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