Attempt to Clean Green

Friday felt like the longest Friday in the history of Fridays! I am pretty sure I say that every Friday but man they are all torturous. Sitting in the office waiting for the weekend to begin, I feel like a little kid in time out!
When the clock, FINALLY, struck four-thirty I heard the horn from the Flinstones theme blaring in my ears as I packed up my belongings and made the trek homeward bound.

Dinner was a free for all (sometimes we have those nights when we neither the hubs nor I want to cook so we just grab whatever we want from the pantry or fridge) so I had a ham sandwich and some carrots.

It was a practice night for Jason and Kiah was out with her friends so I enjoyed some alone time with a bottle of wine, movies, surfing the internet and in between cleaning the floors. I had a blast 🙂

Out of floor cleaner I remembered a “recipe” for a nice green way to clean wood floors. After I swept, I mixed olive oil and vinegar and proceeded to mop.

The agents in the vinegar really do a good job a cleaning and the olive oil creates a beautiful shine.



The downfalls??? After I was done and I walked on the floor…I left lovely footprints due to the olive oil, the smell is not good AND one of my dogs would not stop licking the floors!

I gave up and decided that Saturday  I would go back to cleaning my floors with chemicals until something green in invented to shine the floor and keep foot prints at bay.


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