Live Review: HOGJAW at The Blooze Bar, December 1st, 2012, by Jaffo


I’ll Burn in hell*Before I sell*My rights away from me*IT’S HIGH TIME WE EMBRACE*THE TOOL THAT KEEPS*ALL MEN FREE!!!

(These words surround an illustration of an AR-15 rifle on the back of Hogjaw’s GITSUM t-shirt.)

Phoenix certainly has its musical gems, doesn’t it? Be it folk, rock, hip-hop, punk, metal, or otherwise, on any given weekend the Valley bars and different small venues are alive with something for everyone. The expanse of our dry, crusty urban sprawl makes getting from one side of town to the other to see a particular band play quite a chore sometimes, but it’s often well worth the trip.

The band we chose to see last night, however, was performing at the bar that is absolutely the closest venue to my place. In fact is takes less than the length of a Hogjaw song for me to get there.

The Blooze Bar is kind…

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