Happy New Year Y’all!!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2013 is here and I have no idea what it will bring.

I don’t usually make “new year resolutions” but this year I have too many. So many, I may be setting myself up for failure. Make no mistake, I plan and would love to follow through with all of my resolutions but…I am not oblivious to the fact that I am well known for making tons of plans, setting goals, dreaming big and then…not doing any of them. My intentions and thoughts are always genuine, I am a pretty passionate person…about a lot of things at any given moment.
For example…I watched the movie “Big Miracle” the other day. Great movie, based on a true story set in 1988 about a mommy, daddy and baby whale who got stuck in a a section of rapidly closing ice holes in the sea off of Barrow, Alaska. Greenpeace, the U.S Military, the entire community nearest Barrow, AK., the nation were involved in the rescue of these whales. By the end of the movie, I wanted to become a part of Greenpeace and save our oceans critters…Now, I know that will never happen but I like to think I about “if only I could”.

Maybe, one day, far off into the future this thought will come back to me and I will do my part. For now, I will stick to some little things I can might be able to actually follow through.

Here goes…I will walk my dogs every night. I’ve been reading Cesar Milans book, “Cesars Way” — Do you know that man exercises his dogs for eight hours a day? This is not possible for me or anyone else living in my house so, the mutts will get their morning play of catch with the husband and in the evening I will come home and take them straight away on a run.
We have three so it’s a little difficult. I have to take little Fat Larry out first – I will  run him around the neighborhood, bring him home and come back for the other two. Larry is a good walker, he’s little, easy to control. The other two? HA! They are terrible walkers! While walking them together, if one dog gets in front of the other they viciously attack each other. It’s quite embarrassing. If a person walks by…they bark at them…if a person walks by with a dog??? They bark and pull HARD on their leashes like they are going in for a kill. I have to add here that my dogs are the biggest chicken dogs of all time. I don’t know if they would even know what to do if I…say…let their leashes go. Needless to say..I have no control. I will continue to read “Cesars Way” and try to apply the advice to our daily walking/running routine. So far…three days of walk/running.

Do you want to hear something pathetic?

The day after our first walk, of maybe  mile, my quads were sore, my shin muscles were sore..do you know even my ANKLE muscles were sore?? My ankle muscles have never hurt before. This was a sad sad realization I was slapped with. I am seriously out of shape! I must continue 🙂 My chub will go away, dogs chub will go away and we will all be happier!! Wish me luck here!

When I started tonights blog…I had full intention of babbling on and on about the oh so many resolutions I have for 2013.

I changed my mind. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow. If I still see reason for more resolution..I will let you know 🙂 For now, in this moment, I am perfectly content with my walking/running nightly goal!

Here are a few pictures of my running partners!!

This here is (for now) Fat Larry!


Above: We have Bollie

Above: This is Ollie

Best wishes to all of you for 2013!!!



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