In the Beginning..Of February, that is….

Four days, ten hours and 30 minutes ago…I made a decision to quit smoking…again. I have quit before, it was about four or five years ago and I quit for a good two years. I am taking a few of the things that helped me last time and am hoping I can re-train myself.

The biggest help last time around was Bikram Yoga and I am giving it a whirl this time around. I found a studio super close to home so I signed up for a three day trial. I opened the door to the yoga room and was greeted with a not so pleasant smell. I honestly don’t even know how to describe it but it did make me scrunch my nose up.

I rolled out my mat and covered it with my beach towel, turned around and layed down in shavasana, you know, you have to mentally bring yourself to the room and into the moment. Shavasan is a great way  to do this, you lay there, taking deep breathes and clearing your mind. This part used to be the most difficult for me, ADD and shavasana are a little contradictory BUT possible if you can learn to control your thoughts and controlling thoughts is an area of which I am very good! Here is a picture of an entire class in shavasana (relaxation and healing time) I snagged this picture from the internet 🙂



Check out how many people are in this class!! I bet it’s smelly in there!!

There were around 30 people in class last night which is not too crowded, I had a lot of space to myself which made me happy. I did feel like I was going to die. My heart was racing, sweat was pouring off of me and into my eyes which made them burn..note to self…wear a head band next time… my head was pounding as well. Another note to self, try to drink at least a gallon of water the day before class..I am pretty sure my head was pounding because I was dehydrated..

As sucky as it all seems (smelly, sweaty, headache) afterwards? I felt amazing. So cleansed, skin soft and I felt strong.

SO….I will go 4 days a week for 30 days and then switch back to regular yoga 🙂


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