Spring Ahead!!

I have the Spring Fever and it’s technically not even Spring yet! The weather, so far in 2013, has been crazy here in the southwest state of Arizona…Last week it snowed in the valley and this week it’s in the 90’s!!!!


I do prefer the warmness over the cold but anything over 80 makes me sweat…and I don’t really like to sweat. Unless I am in a sweaty hot yoga class, then it’s ok..it’s purposeful, ya know? 

It’s the middle of March and I am so ready to take a few days off work, really a few months but who am I kidding…THAT’s not going to happen 😉

Next week is the hubs and my anniversary this year we will celebrate with friends and family..We will be taking a couple days off to take a drive to San Diego to visit with our good friends Shane and Kim and little miss Kaili ANDDDDDDD we get to visit with OUR baby girl Miss Kiah Bree!! I haven’t seen her stinkin’ face in almost two months and I can not wait to see her… I am so proud of her and her beautiful self !!


I hope to have great stories to write when we come home 🙂 

In the meantime, this weekend will be spent doing yoga, pulling weeds, doing laundry and getting some much needed vitamin D..via the SUN! Saturday night will be filled with live music and photography..Sunday…I will let you know on Monday!!


Enjoy life everyone ~ it goes by too fast not too!!






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