Today is my Birthday!

WOW.. What a day. Today is my birthday and I took the day off work, after all…it is my very own personal holiday!

I was looking forward to sleeping in but alas — that did not happen. I actually woke up at 0530…45 minute before I normally wake up on a weekday.

All was good though, there was coffee waiting for me because the hubs had to get up early to go to work 🙂

I had coffee, made myself steak and eggs for breakfast, played around on the computer for a while and watched a movie.

I watched ” 6 Souls” – Julianne Moore is the the big star in this, what I thought to be, psychological thriller. It was good enough but turned out slightly different than I thought.

It was a little bit slow and was about a father daughter psychiatrist team BUT the daughter had faith in God but the father did not. Turns out the patient was killing and taking the souls of people who had lost their faith in God along their way. I liked the movie but again..I’m not that huge of a fan of God and Devil thriller stories and like I said…it was slow.

After the movie, I showered and changed and me and my favorite daughter, Kiah, went to lunch at the Pita Jungle. I had a Chicken Pesto pita pizza and she ordered the Curry Salad.

Bad move on her part.. the curry salad was grody! She took a bite and the look on her face said it all – I shouldn’t have tried it but for giggles I did and….her taste buds were accurate..I was disgusting. The thing is…we love us some curry BUT…we think of curry and of course we think Thai curry — we are not fans of Indian curry — and that is exactly what it was.

The waitress was good enough to allow Kiah to “trade” her meal in for something she liked better. 😉

After lunch, I went to the day spa where I received a wonderful Swedish massage and scalp treatment. My favorite parts of this pampering session were the foot/ankle massage and the scalp massage. Even though I had already showered..,made my hair pretty and she said, “OK, now I am going to drizzle coconut oil along your hairline”. That bummed me out for a split second because now I would most certainly have to go home and shower to wash my hair AGAIN…but it felt amazing so I allowed her to proceed. 🙂

By the time I got home it was already 15:00 – my mom came over for a short visit and the hubs and I watched the US BEAT COSTA RICA in the Concacaf match while having dinner. Dinner was simple but delicious. We had a homemade chef salad. Dessert was dark chocolate coconut paired with a 2000 Principe Alfonso Reservera Privada. I swear, that bottle of wine was so delightful. I literally wanted to jump in and sniff my way out!

I thought…the wine may be bad because the cork was so dark but I was happily proven wrong! Image

Tonight…the mega millions is to be drawn! My good friends bought me a few tickets for my birthday – how COOL would that be to win..the mega pot…on my birthday???

It’s been a great day – and I will continue the greatness come Friday as I head out to San Diego to visit with a couple of other AMAZING friends 😉

Until then!!



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2 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday!”

  1. So glad your birthday was a hit! But you and K need to contact me before ordering…LoL Curry salad is usually always Madras curry, not a Thai curry. Your day sounded perfect. See you soon ❤

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