Travel Preperations…

I sure wish I had taken some photos of this event. Tomorrow, Jason has  flight out of Phoenix to Myrtle Beach, SC with band mates for what is being called the Southern Revival Concert. His band Hogjaw will be playing with another Phoenix local group called Sour Diesel Train Wreck.

They fly out Friday morning at 0530 — yes people 5:30 in the morning! We have a great friend, Mike, who has offered to take them to the airport (thank you baby Jesus!!) and he will be here at 0345 – six short hours away!

Jason and I spent about an hour packing T-shirts, CD’s, vinyl records, stickers and tour posters. He had ordered (and received at the VERY last minute) those plastic vacuum seal-able bags. Those were fun to try to figure out but we managed and they WORKED…like a charm!

In one suitcase we managed to pack 57 shirts, 45 CD’s, 6 vinyl records and the remaining little items being the tour posters and stickers and a couple of hangers. I sure hope he comes home with an empty suitcase!!

For those of your interested…. The show is at Suck Bang Blow in Myrtle Beach, SC

Take a short visit to

Go, you’ll have fun!

I sure wish I could be there BUT…I have my own exciting plans for the weekend of which I will tell you all about come Monday!


Until then — keep it classy people 😉



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