Keep on Rockin in the Free World!

Only ten short days left before Jason packs up and flies a mere 5,747.62 miles from Phoenix, AZ to the Zurich International Airport…to start his rockin’ tour of Europe.


I cannot believe how fast this date has come. Just two weeks ago it felt like we had time to every thing in order. Yet, here we are scrambling to get the last minute details complete.

With the help of our awesome people at the booking agency and friends across the “pond” sure enough…everything is coming together nicely.

The guys, of Hogjaw, will arrive in Zurich on the 4th of September, meet with the tour manager and take an hour and a half jaunt to Berne, CH.

Here they will rest, have fun exploring the city and may even make some time to record a song or two in a local recording studio.

Hopefully, they will take advantage of the days in Bern because on the 6th they embark on their massive tour…and man alive..this is a serious journey of rock n roll!

Check out this schedule:

06/09/13 Steinen – Switzerland @ Aula
07/09/13 Kufstein – Austria @ Eventhalle
08/09/13 Bartenheim – France @ Caf’Conc
10/09/13 Arras – France @ Blue Devils
11/09/13 Verviers – Belgium @ Spirit of 66
12/09/13 Eindhoven – Holland @ The Rambler
14/09/13 Paris – France @ Nogent Country Festival
15/09/13 Paris – France @ Nogent Country Festival
17/09/13 Llodio – Spain @ Keska Taberna
18/09/13 Lierganes – Spain @ Los Picos
19/09/13 A Coruna – Spain @ Mardi Gras
20/09/13 Cangas – Spain @ Salason
21/09/13 Aviles – Spain @ Centro Niemeyer
22/09/13 Leon РSpain @ Gran Caf̩
23/09/13 Cadiz – Spain @ Sala Supersonic
24/09/13 Estepona – Spain @ Louie Louie
25/09/13 Murcia – Spain @ Sala B
26/09/13 Madrid – Spain @ La Boite
27/09/13 Zaragoza – Spain @ La Ley Seca
28/09/13 Barcelona – Spain @ Rocksound
29/09/13 Torredembarra – Spain @ La Traviesa
30/09/13 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain @ 3X1
01/10/13 Castellon – Spain @ Pub d’Leyend
02/10/13 Lleida – Spain @ Stones Pub
04/10/13 Weikersheim – Germany @ W71
05/10/13 Krefeld – Germany @ Kulturrampe
06/10/13 Norderstedt – Germany @ Musicstar
07/10/13 Bremen – Germany @ Meisenfrei
09/10/13 Olomouc – Czech Republic @ Bounty Rock
10/10/13 Prague – Czech Republic @ TBA
11/10/13 Isernhagen – Germany @ Bluesgarage
12/10/13 Berlin – Germany @ Wild At Heart


Keep in mind, Americans, the days and months are listed “backwards” 🙂

I hope hope some of you in the blogosphere have an opportunity to catch this great bunch of musicians in their travels.. believe me when I say it’s totally worth while. Not only are they great musically but they are a wonderful group of people!

If you like true, heartfelt rock n roll, southern rock, dirty’ll love it!

Take a visit to their website to learn more about them and hear some of their music.

Post a comment and let me know what you think!!



Feeling Pretty Fortunate….

Last I wrote, I had big plans to win the lottery. That didn’t pan out so back to drawing board. Maybe next time, eh?

In the meantime, I am enjoying the life I have.

After an excruciating day at the office, I drove to my Aunts house to celebrate my grandmas 91st birthday. 

Now over the years I have not proven to be the best granddaughter, it is most certainly not because I don’t love her or think about her on a daily basis. There are a few reasons – or excuses – whatever you want to call them..I call them unacceptable but they are what they are right?

I am going to take you into the way back machine for a few…

My dad was a military man – he served 20 years in the US Navy, which for our family of four (mom, dad, sister and me) meant living in San Diego for the first decade and a half of my life. The rest of our family (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) all lived in Arizona and we only were able to visit with them maybe once a year? Thinking about it now, I realize, growing up without extended family in my life from a very young age into teenage years is a sad thing. In the younger years, you really don’t understand the value of family and by the time you reach your teenage years…let’s face it..who really wants to hang out with the extended family when you could be hanging out with your friends?

I do have to say…I was never bored at Grandmas house, or my Aunts for that matter. There was always something to it be playing with Grandmas elaborate Barbie collection or smelling her vast collection of perfume bottles or playing with the neighborhood kids at the Aunts house. Ok, I am going to retract my statement…I loved going to Grandmas house…

It was only until my dad lost his harsh battle with lung cancer that I distanced myself again from Grandma. To be honest, I couldn’t bear to look into her eyes..all I saw was my dad. It was YEARS…about five years and a half years to be more precise…before I finally told myself..”enough is enough!! Call your Grandma…call your Aunt”! And I did. I invited them over for Christmas Eve and it was tough but I am so glad I did. We all enjoyed ourselves – catching up and eating and just being together..I felt good.

As glad as I was to have reconnected..over the years it still proves difficult but not because I am reminded of dad but more so because I just get caught up in MY daily life, you know…working and traveling and relaxing when I’m not running around.

I’m not sure what the right words are..becoming complacent? Maybe taking for granted the fact that I think they will always be there no matter what? Anyway, you get the idea…I am trying to be better. I am trying to keep the connection and I will continue to try!

This brings me to current day 🙂

Today…is my Grandmas 91st birthday. I am feeling so fortunate to have been able to have celebrated this amazing milestone with her. Not many people can say they were able to sit and have pizza, hot wings and cake with their Grandma on her NINETY FIRST BIRTHDAY.

Another bonus? My nineteen year old daughter met me there! Really? On a Friday thoughtful daughter chose to spend time with her great Grandma, her mom, her great Aunt and her second cousin.

I’ll say it again…I am feeling pretty fortunate tonight. 😀


A step away from reality…

I am going to step away from reality for a few. Bear with me because I am typing these thoughts and ideas as they come along – with the exception of a few ideas I have had in mind for many years.

Tonight is the night someone in the United States will become FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS richer…

I don’t typically play the lottery but let me tell you..I did a little homework yesterday and this afternoon and my goal was to pick those winning numbers!

I got online and asked Uncle Google what my lucky numbers (astrologically) are for the month of August. Of course I didn;t trust just one website so I perused through three of them – wrote down an ample amount of numbers I felt good with and moved on to the next plan of action….

To find out which zip codes around my town had sold the most winning numbers. At lunch time I stopped at a store in one of the three zip codes I jotted down and used some of the numbers astrology tells me are lucky this month. On my way home I stopped at another store in one of the zip codes, used more of the “lucky” numbers and started my drive to the last lottery retailer on my list.

Then it occurred to me…DUH… I picked all of these zip codes in which winning numbers were prevalent and chose my own numbers?? I think I was supposed to let the machine pick the numbers..I laughed at myself and continued on my way. 🙂

The last stop was at the grocery store right across the street from my home – I bought one ticket with numbers the stars chose for me and I let the computer pick the other numbers…

It takes me a little bit in life but I eventually catch on to things 😀

So, here I sit..planning my day tomorrow. I will wake up, have a cup of coffee look at the numbers from tonights drawing and call in to work to let them know I will not be coming to work…forever.

I will contact the Lottery and let them no, “I’m the lucky winner”! I’m not sure what happens next or how long it will take to receive my lump sum of doe – ray – me but what I will do with it as soon as I can is as follows:

I have a co-worker who is going through chemo and I would like to figure out how to, anonymously, deposit as much cash into her account as I can without her getting hit too hard with taxes so she doesn’t have to worry about bills while she is going through her own personal hell. Next on the list is my mom, I would pay her house off so she doesn’t have to work any more and put enough money in her account so she is more than comfortable. I’d like to see her be able to do whatever in the world she has always wanted to do. 

Next up..all of our debt, which is actually not as much as a typical American but we have the typical stuff – mortgage would be the first to be gone!

The parent in-laws would be next in line and then the siblings, you know…gotta take care of those who have taken care of us!

After everyone has been taken care of…it’s time to plan an extensive tour of this glorious earth…In this moment I honestly don’t know where I would go first – I have so many destinations in mind. The logical thing to do may be to start here in the US – I have been to more places outside of the states than I have here and I do have a little list of places I need to experience right here in the good ole U S of A.

My ideas above are just the beginning…I see a lot of travel, volunteer work and taking care of society in my future being a multimillionaire. 😉

What would you do with your millions? I wanna know!


Beerfest 9 – 2013

Another great weekend! Every year for the past six years, Jason, Kiah and I join our friends up on the Mogollon Rim (pronounced muggy on rim) for a few days of “getting off the grid”. This Backwoods beerfest occurs the first weekend every August. The guys who started it brought maybe fifteen people up, all close knit friends and they were all instructed to bring a six pack of off the wall beer for every one to sample. When Jason and I hooked up with our old high school friends we went along for the fun back in 2007 or 2008. Now I am not a camper per se..but I do enjoy my time when there. Dont get me wrong I love the outdoorsy stuff but I prefer to camp near a body of water..just my thing. I am never thrilled about going..not as thrilled as everyone else but when I get there it’s just so beautiful and I get such a great sense of freedom and “oneness” with the earth that I do genuinely love these get togethers.

Luckily, Jason is SUCH an organized and experienced outdoors man, he makes it easy for me. Occasionally he will give me a list of things I may need to pickup at the store but for the most part, I am told to get in the truck and we leave. 🙂 I know enough to pack the right clothing!

In the first part of August, here in Arizona, we sometimes have a monsoon season. Sometimes it rains the entire weekend, sometimes it’s dry and hot and other times (like this weekend) …it’s an absolute perfect mixture of the two!

On the way up the hill I was actually “allowed” — no allowed isn’t the word because Jason actually said, “You can play your ipod if you want”..what?? 🙂 Happy girl! It was a crappy drive getting out of the city but once on the road –smooth sailing!

Once we hit Payson we stopped at the Safeway to pickup some Advil — an definite necessity when going to BEERFEST..

On the road again, it started raining…a GOOD rain too. The weather cooled off pretty dramatically..We were coming up from the Phoenix area where we left behind a 106 degree day so when I say dramatically – I might be dramatizing just a little because it was maybe 70 degrees 🙂 

The drive up was just beautiful…see for yourself!


We arrived to the camp site around three in the afternoon on Friday. There were already about thirty people there and everyone was pretty mellow – those that had arrived the previous night had whooped it up their first night. I was a little nervous because Jason set our camp up pretty close to the general population and I do not deal well with large crowds and loud shenanigans at night when I am ready to sleep. I rolled with it, didn’t complain and turns out…it was perfect!



After the camp was magically set up (AKA..Jason did everything 🙂 ) we made ourselves a couple of drinks and started making our rounds to say hello and talk to people. I don’t remember too much – I had three glasses of wine — but I do remember meeting some really cool people I had never met before. It’s not often I hit it off well with another female so I was so happy to have met Liz! We sat and talked for a couple of hours and our conversation just flowed so well..

Around 11:30, I looked up at Jason – as he was taking his last swig of MOONSHINE – his eyes glazed over and he said “I’m ready” so I helped him along to our camp and we fell fast fast asleep!

At first sunlight, I’m wide awake, took a hike to the woods for the morning nature call, came back made coffee and relaxed.

Relaxed under this gorgeous view:


I literally could have stayed there all day. It was under this tree I realized, I forgot my laptop…I had no pen..nothing to write with. This would have been a perfect spot to laze about and write a little something. Oh well, stuck with enjoying mother nature in her entirety. 🙂

Poor Jason was hurting and thankful we remembered to make that pit stop for Advil! He slept until about noon, ate then napped until 2! Around the time he woke up the rain started — thankful our tent and easy-up were in great condition and nothing got wet!! Usually 3pm the beer tables come out and we all bring our offerings – thankful the rain stopped just in time for the festivities!

I am not a huge beer drinker – in fact, I dont even know what kind of beer “we” brought to offer. I drank my wine and took pictures 🙂

Not the greatest shot but you get the gist…


With the amount of people who were there I am happy to say there was……NO DRAMA!

I spent the evening bouncing around from camp to camp talking, laughing and enjoying the neat people that were there. Just before dinner, Kiah’s boyfriend and his friends arrived so her and I walked down to where they were setting up camp to make sure they had everything they needed – they did so I went to bed…Yea..went to bed — I think it may have been 930, ha!

Groundhogs day…I woke up at day break again..took a nature hike, had coffee, visited with our camping neighbors and relaxed. Now I am sitting here thinking…I wonder how many times I have used the word relaxed? I’m thinking alot but I’m also thinking…that’s a good thing!

If you have read any of my other posts you know the hubs, Jason, is in a rock band called
Hogjaw. They used our last day at camp to start video production of their music video for a song called “The Wolf” I can’t wait to see the final production because the scenery, their “costumes” and the song are awesome.

Here a few behind the scene photos:





After the video shots were done – we packed up and headed out. But wait! Flat tire..boooo..

One of the truck tires was about 20lbs light on air..Luck was on our side again and one of our camping buddies came better prepared than we and had a  hand held air compressor. It took a little while but we were back in business soon enough.

The ride home was uneventful until one of the dogs threw up on Kiahs feet…then the other dog…oh good lord what did they eat???! It was grody – we cleaned up as best we could and tried to get home as fast as possible without getting pulled over 🙂

Until my next adventure or random thought of the day!