A step away from reality…

I am going to step away from reality for a few. Bear with me because I am typing these thoughts and ideas as they come along – with the exception of a few ideas I have had in mind for many years.

Tonight is the night someone in the United States will become FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS richer…

I don’t typically play the lottery but let me tell you..I did a little homework yesterday and this afternoon and my goal was to pick those winning numbers!

I got online and asked Uncle Google what my lucky numbers (astrologically) are for the month of August. Of course I didn;t trust just one website so I perused through three of them – wrote down an ample amount of numbers I felt good with and moved on to the next plan of action….

To find out which zip codes around my town had sold the most winning numbers. At lunch time I stopped at a store in one of the three zip codes I jotted down and used some of the numbers astrology tells me are lucky this month. On my way home I stopped at another store in one of the zip codes, used more of the “lucky” numbers and started my drive to the last lottery retailer on my list.

Then it occurred to me…DUH… I picked all of these zip codes in which winning numbers were prevalent and chose my own numbers?? I think I was supposed to let the machine pick the numbers..I laughed at myself and continued on my way. 🙂

The last stop was at the grocery store right across the street from my home – I bought one ticket with numbers the stars chose for me and I let the computer pick the other numbers…

It takes me a little bit in life but I eventually catch on to things 😀

So, here I sit..planning my day tomorrow. I will wake up, have a cup of coffee look at the numbers from tonights drawing and call in to work to let them know I will not be coming to work…forever.

I will contact the Lottery and let them no, “I’m the lucky winner”! I’m not sure what happens next or how long it will take to receive my lump sum of doe – ray – me but what I will do with it as soon as I can is as follows:

I have a co-worker who is going through chemo and I would like to figure out how to, anonymously, deposit as much cash into her account as I can without her getting hit too hard with taxes so she doesn’t have to worry about bills while she is going through her own personal hell. Next on the list is my mom, I would pay her house off so she doesn’t have to work any more and put enough money in her account so she is more than comfortable. I’d like to see her be able to do whatever in the world she has always wanted to do. 

Next up..all of our debt, which is actually not as much as a typical American but we have the typical stuff – mortgage would be the first to be gone!

The parent in-laws would be next in line and then the siblings, you know…gotta take care of those who have taken care of us!

After everyone has been taken care of…it’s time to plan an extensive tour of this glorious earth…In this moment I honestly don’t know where I would go first – I have so many destinations in mind. The logical thing to do may be to start here in the US – I have been to more places outside of the states than I have here and I do have a little list of places I need to experience right here in the good ole U S of A.

My ideas above are just the beginning…I see a lot of travel, volunteer work and taking care of society in my future being a multimillionaire. 😉

What would you do with your millions? I wanna know!



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