Feeling Pretty Fortunate….

Last I wrote, I had big plans to win the lottery. That didn’t pan out so back to drawing board. Maybe next time, eh?

In the meantime, I am enjoying the life I have.

After an excruciating day at the office, I drove to my Aunts house to celebrate my grandmas 91st birthday. 

Now over the years I have not proven to be the best granddaughter, it is most certainly not because I don’t love her or think about her on a daily basis. There are a few reasons – or excuses – whatever you want to call them..I call them unacceptable but they are what they are right?

I am going to take you into the way back machine for a few…

My dad was a military man – he served 20 years in the US Navy, which for our family of four (mom, dad, sister and me) meant living in San Diego for the first decade and a half of my life. The rest of our family (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) all lived in Arizona and we only were able to visit with them maybe once a year? Thinking about it now, I realize, growing up without extended family in my life from a very young age into teenage years is a sad thing. In the younger years, you really don’t understand the value of family and by the time you reach your teenage years…let’s face it..who really wants to hang out with the extended family when you could be hanging out with your friends?

I do have to say…I was never bored at Grandmas house, or my Aunts for that matter. There was always something to do..weather it be playing with Grandmas elaborate Barbie collection or smelling her vast collection of perfume bottles or playing with the neighborhood kids at the Aunts house. Ok, I am going to retract my statement…I loved going to Grandmas house…

It was only until my dad lost his harsh battle with lung cancer that I distanced myself again from Grandma. To be honest, I couldn’t bear to look into her eyes..all I saw was my dad. It was YEARS…about five years and a half years to be more precise…before I finally told myself..”enough is enough!! Call your Grandma…call your Aunt”! And I did. I invited them over for Christmas Eve and it was tough but I am so glad I did. We all enjoyed ourselves – catching up and eating and just being together..I felt good.

As glad as I was to have reconnected..over the years it still proves difficult but not because I am reminded of dad but more so because I just get caught up in MY daily life, you know…working and traveling and relaxing when I’m not running around.

I’m not sure what the right words are..becoming complacent? Maybe taking for granted the fact that I think they will always be there no matter what? Anyway, you get the idea…I am trying to be better. I am trying to keep the connection and I will continue to try!

This brings me to current day 🙂

Today…is my Grandmas 91st birthday. I am feeling so fortunate to have been able to have celebrated this amazing milestone with her. Not many people can say they were able to sit and have pizza, hot wings and cake with their Grandma on her NINETY FIRST BIRTHDAY.

Another bonus? My nineteen year old daughter met me there! Really? On a Friday evening..my thoughtful daughter chose to spend time with her great Grandma, her mom, her great Aunt and her second cousin.

I’ll say it again…I am feeling pretty fortunate tonight. 😀



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2 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Fortunate….”

  1. That’s a wonderful story. Yes, you are very fortunate!

    Mine is just the opposite. The first 13 years of my life was spend around my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. There are a LOT of us and we were very close. Since my Grandma passed away, we moved, and nobody gets together anymore and I miss them deeply.

    My parents, brother and all of our kids and grandkids are close and I also feel fortunate that we spend every major holiday together, including times just because we can. My girls have only met their extended family once and Jessika was never able to meet her great grandmother. She was an amazing lady.

    Family is very important and I too have the problem, excuses, that I don’t see my parents enough as I should or would like to. I’m thankful for my time with my family, to include friends whom I am fortunate to call family.

    Great post Kristi!

    Tammy Payne

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