Look out people…I’m not the only cook in the house!

After six LONG weeks away from the Jason and six LONG weeks of my kitchen experimentation…I came home to a night off!

A ridiculous hour and twenty minute ride home…this is what I came home too 🙂


I am not going to claim to know anything about what was going on in this pan. All I know is that the smell was amazing and all I had to do was sit my bum down, have a glass of wine and wait for the magic to unfold.

Well..of course, I did have to chase him around with my camera letting him know he has earned a highlight spot in my blog. I think he’s trying to show me up..your thoughts?



There was food, there was wine, there was whiskey and as promised…there was George Jones 😉

DSC_6463 DSC_6476 DSC_6475

Happy Hump Daaaayyy my friends!


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Living one day at a time and making the best of it!

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