Who do I talk to about adding more time to our daily clocks?? Is it just me or would everyone else benefit from having more than twenty-four hours in a day?

I don’t know about you.. but I honestly can’t seem to squeeze in work, exercise, cleaning, family time, husband time, ME time, fun time, friend time OH annnnd SLEEP time in just twenty-four hours!

This dilemma has prompted me to take a look at a few things I can change. The first one being to wake up earlier. In my mind I know what I need to do to get up earlier..DUH..just get up earlier, right?

So much easier said than done!

I DO NOT WAKE UP. When I’m up..I’m up but it’s the whole getting me out of bed thing where the problem begins.

Example..last Thursday Kiah and I set our alarms for 05:00 so we could go for a little two mile run before our day began. After thirty minutes of riding the snooze button train, I saw Kiahs light on in her bedroom..She’s the good one..she was getting ready to run. Me? I yell from the warm coziness of my bed, ” KIAH…GO BACK TO BED”. She gladly obeyed. 🙂

My new short term goal is now to get me out of bed early enough to get a two mile run in, come home, shower and get to work..maybe even on time?

My first step towards succeeding in my goal…I googled, “How to wake up earlier” Do you know there is actually a wiki how to?

I have actually tried ALL of these methods in the past and they just..don’t…work. Maybe now that I have an actual goal of getting my exercise in first thing before work..maybe now it will work.

I started with the most basic. Set the alarm thirty minutes earlier than I need to wake up. Hey! I actually woke up on time! No..not at the 05:30 hour I had set the alarm for but the 06:00 hour which is the real hour I am supposed to wake up.

Tomorrow..yes, tomorrow is the day my plan will work!





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