The Conjuring…


I seem to only watch scary movies….ALONE. Not sure if I just enjoy the torture of being petrified or if it is just because I don’t think my family will appreciate the scary flick as much as I do. It is what it is and that’s what I do..I’m alone..I’m watching a scary movie.

Tonight, Jason’s out with the guys shooting things in the desert, Kiah is at work and I’m watching “The Conjuring”.

It’s very rare, these days, I get my heart racing with fear over a movie…this one did the trick. 🙂

It started out with a scary doll ~ I hate scary dolls…they freak me out. Why? No clue…they! Creepy doll was old..had crackled blues eyes, red lipstick and cracked cheeks  painted in red rouge. I am still, even after the movie is over, a little confused as to what this doll had to do with anything. The opening scene is two female roommates on the couch talking to someone (you can only assume is a shrink or a ghost hunter) about this creepy doll who they allowed  some demon soul to possess. Then the movie cuts too a family with a boat load of kids moving into a new house.

First clue something may be wrong with the house…the dog..will..not…go.. inside. your dog. If your dog barks incessitanly at something or someone, IT is NOT to be trusted.

** Spoiler alert* So this family dog refuses to enter the house and of course, its a scary movie, the dog is found dead the next morning.

Why, do the scary movie writers insist on always killing the dog? Really? Kill the jackass  teenager who expects way too much out of life! Poor little dupper dog didn’t do anything wrong..shoot..He didn’t even go inside. And it’s not like he can speak to the humans and tell them, “Hey, have freaky deaky ghosts living in your house. You may want to get out”.

Dog is buried and the family doesnt even question, “why did the dog die”? They move on. Unpacking, playing games, going to work, going to school. Until one night..

Two of the girl children – who share a room – are sleeping. The younger one keeps waking up in the night because “her older sister” keeps pulling her foot. After the second night of this shenanigans the young one finally realizes..”holy crap, my sister is in her’s not her who is pulling my leg”. What does she do? She looks UNDER HER BED..

Who out there would LOOK UNDER their bed, in the middle of the night after being scared of WHAT was grabbing your foot while you were sleeping?

Sorry..but I would have pulled the covers over my head and held my breath until the daylight shone.

I won’t go into too much detail but the above described..good scene. It gets better from there..The mom starts realizing something is up with the house after a night of chasing around a strange clapping noise and being locked in the basement until the husband comes home..Which brings me to another..Really?? Would you ever??

So she hears the basement door creak and sees it open and yet she still..goes down the stairs, in the dark to the creepy basement of the house they just moved into.

Would you go? I..would..not.. I would run upstairs , jump in my bed, pull the covers over my head and hold my breath until the daylight shone.

At this point, the movie is heating up and they bring in a married couple who perform cleansing rituals to rid homes and people of other worldly issues.

Now, I do have to say, I become a little conflicted with some of the story line.

I believe in ghosts. I do not believe in the devil. Which also means that I don’t think I can believe in demonic possession. The conflictual aspect, on my part,  comes into play is at this point because the writers introduce the demonic possession theory.

With that said..the movie did still end up being ~ hold your breath until the next scene scary. if you like scary it. 🙂


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