I have no idea what is wrong with me! I have scheduled myself to a pretty good yoga schedule..Monday, Wednesday Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been doing pretty good with this until ohhhh yesterday..

On the way home I decided it would be brilliant to pickup some pork fried rice. Of course I needed egg rolls and crab puffs to accompany, right?


** Picture stolen from the internet but I had to give the visual…pork fried rice is delicious **

The idea was for me to go home, feed the family, change, go to yoga, come home and eat me a little bit of yum yums..

I’m sure you can guess what happens next…

It started out pretty innocently, I will just have one little teensy flavorful crab puff. I told the family, they need not wait for me to eat because I would not be home until after 20:00

I lost all self control once Jason started stirring hot mustard into the fried rice bowl… Quickly…I got my own empty dish and DUG IN!

Guilt set in after I swallowed the last bite of that SECOND egg roll and I rolled myself onto the couch with stuffed belly. Not only did I miss my ninety minutes of self torture but I ate entirely too much.

No longer guilt ridden but so confused. Today, for dinner….I want CUPCAKES.

Help!! What is wrong with me??? UGHHHHH..



This had to be documented…

Since the end of November 2013, I have been involved in some serious self torture. The people of Bikram say, we endure ninety minutes of torture so we do not have to spend ninety years in torture or something like that…basically suck it up for an hour and a half a few days a the twenty six poses to the best of your ability – but with proper alignment – and the benefits you reap are endless.

I am not hear to preach or try to bring all of you to the “dark side” (Although..really…you should try it..I feel so soft, lungs are clear, I feel strong and tall even though I am only 5’3)…but again..I tell you..I promise I am not here for this..

I am here to say..OH..MY..GOODNESS.. I woke up at 430 this morning and made it to a hot yoga sesh at 530..IN THE MORNING…BEFORE work!! 

For WEEKS now I have been hopeful and planning and setting alarm clocks only to shut them right off and go back to sleep.. On this day..I DID IT..

Admitting, I am pretty sure the only reason I was able to do so was because I stuffed my belly full of pasta, ice cream and honey fried bananas and fell asleep at 830 the night before…

None the less…I DID IT and I have not been able to wipe the grin off my face this entire day.

Bag packed with clothes for the day, mat, towel and water in tow I headed out at 0515!! Thankfully class is not too far from home: If you live in the area and you’re into self torture…come take a class with me!! The studio is new”ish” to our area, clean and the people are so friendly and encouraging!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to make a 530 am class again but I’ll keep trying because this feeling of accomplishment is almost as good as the feeling I feel after I am done with class.

Namaste…bitches 😉



Culinary Bucket List 2014 ~ FEBRUARY!

I love seafood. I would eat it in a house, I would eat it with a mouse. OK, well I probably would not eat it with a mouse but..I love seafood.

If given the opportunity at home..every meal would be made with something from the sea. Oddly enough, in all of my years as a seafood lover, I had never actually made Ahi Tuna Steaks.

After perusing the internet for “the best” recipe and best ways too cook Ahi, I came to the conclusion that simple was best. I’m beginning to think I opt for simple because I just do not have the attention span for more than five steps in dinner creations.

Grocery list in hand, I headed to Sprouts to fill my basket with two Ahi Steaks, one bell pepper, broccoli crowns, scallions (which..btw..did you know are just a fancy way of saying..GREEN ONIONS???) I actually walked around the around the grocery store one time searching for scallions and had to ask the guy in the produce section, “Don’t you stock scallions here”? to which he replied, pointing to the GREEN ONIONS…”Uh, yea..right here”. Of course, I played it off well with a big smile and said “OHHHHH, I can’t believe I missed them..they were right in front of my face”!

Anyyyywaaay..back to dinner! 2 Ahi Steaks, 1 bell pepper, broccoli crowns, scallions..

Next on the list was black and white sesame seeds ~ Sprouts did not have them. They had white roasted sesame but not black. Boooo, that meant I was going to have to make a pit stop to Lee Lees (Asian market around the corner) not a huge deal but I don’t like having to go to two places for one meal..psshhht.. Thankfully, Lee Lee’s came though for me. 🙂

So..this was super easy and I am sure can be prepared a hundred and one ways more delectable BUT this worked for simple and tasty.

In a cast iron skillet: a splash of sesame oil and a splash of avocado oil. Toss in the chopped scallions, broccoli and red bell pepper. Stir fry for a bit. Oh, about fifteen minutes before I started the vegetables I started the rice steamer.


At the same time, I placed the 2 tablespoons of white and 2 tablespoons black sesame seeds in a pan to dry roast. Dont let it get too hot ~ the sesame seeds pop!


Once the vegetables were done, I dumped them into the rice that is done steaming.

In the same cast iron skillet: a splash more of sesame and avocado oil ~ In a separate bowl – big enough to hold the tuna steak – add the toasted sesame seeds and coat the steaks with them. The seeds stick.

Toss the tuna onto the hot skillet for only 45 seconds per side!


I did forget one thing..I forgot to add sea-salt to the sesame seeds BUT…I honestly think it was not needed.

The end product..not pretty because I do not know how to slice. 🙂


I added a splash of fish sauce to the rice ~ soooo good… The Ahi tasted just as it should have. Next time I may find some tasty marinades to try.

Not just another Valentines Day Post ;)

Social media was completely out..of..control.. yesterday with everything Valentines. Valentines day is a day to express your undying love for your significant other. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving to me. You know? The one day of the year everyone is so very thankful for everything they have been complaining about, on social media, earlier in the year.  Same thing. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a complete hater of this Hallmark celebration of love..but…why not celebrate the love of your life everyday? I could go on and on but I am bored with the topic and so glad VD 2014 is over. On that note!

The love of my life and I had sushi last night. Yep, we braved the crazy VD crowd and headed out to one of our favorite, family owned, neighborhood restaurants.

Sushi Yuki,

I debated with myself on this post..Should I really tell all of you about my secret sushi spot? It is such a hidden gem and one of the things I love about this place is that it’s never super busy so the service is great!

Luckily…I have very few followers and even fewer followers who live in my area. 🙂

There were more patrons than what is typical but we were still able to walk in and be seated straight away. Score…no wait!


I really need to invest in a compact point and shoot camera for occasions such as this. I do not like crappy cell phone pictures of food nor do I want to bust out with the big ole DSLR camera in a restaurant. Goal number three for 2014…

Moving on…the upper left we have some absolutely delicious Yellowtail Sashimi.. I think I used the exact phrase, “Oh….this yellow-tail is like butter”

That’s actually a terrible saying because I would never eat butter straight up…gross.

In the middle is a philly roll…the salmon melts in your mouth and at the end of it you taste the zing of cream cheese ~ cream cheese and salmon..two of my favorites 🙂

The green one was good but not my’s called a caterpillar roll. The chunky funny looking guys on the upper right..fresh water eel or Unagi…an all time favorite of both J and me..

We should have ordered more sashimi..we were finished in no time and I am pretty sure Jason was still hungry 🙂

Next time…there will be more!!!

What’s for dinner?

I was tossing around the idea of using last nights dinner as part of my culinary bucket list but decided against it. Why? Well, mostly because I have made tomato soup and grill cheese before so it’s technically not anything I have never made before. PLUS…this was just a recipe I found online and not anything I “have always wanted to make” but I HAD to try it.

Whatever…this..I promise oh so tasty!

Pre-heat the oven to 375 F

I placed 14 small/medium”ish” tomatoes (on the vine) onto a baking sheet.

** 14 of these tomatoes was entirely too many for just three people — we will be eating tomato soup, every day for ten days ** 🙂


Plopped them in the oven, set the timer for 45 minutes, grabbed the daughter and went for a little jog around the neighborhood. We were going to take the dogs but that is just wayyyy too much work. I  do feel bad for leaving them home with the oven and the oven vent fan running..poor dogs are absolutely PETRIFIED of kitchen noises. SORRY dupper dawgs! 😉

Once the jog was out of the way, I got back to business. The tomato’s were still roasting in the oven so I started in on the pesto sauce.

I grabbed a handful and a half of pine nuts and placed them and dry roasted them in a frying pan.


I think I roasted them a little bit too long…they look burnt don’t they? This is what happens when I get sidetracked. Things burn. I did, I walked away from the stove for a little too long. Once they were chopped up though…we could not taste that they had been cooked for too long.

In the food processor, I put a batch of fresh basil, four garlic cloves, a handful of fresh grated Parmesan cheese and poured some olive oil. Sorry, I did not take any measurements, I just used my eyes as a judge….and then ma mouth 😉


WHY…have I NEVER…made this before???? I don’t usually use pesto too often so I have always just bought, either, a jar or made from a packet. Ridiculous..this is SO easy and SO delicious. I think fresh pesto might just be my new favorite thing.

By the time the pesto was done, the tomato’s were done! I took them from the oven, peeled the dried up skin from some of them and ate some of the others 🙂

Plopped the maters into the blender along with three cups of chicken broth, a handful of basil, about two teaspoons of paprika, some freshly ground pepper..blended for a bit on low and high and then low again and then dumped it all into a big ole pot and warmed it up.

While the soup was warming, I buttered one side of two pieces of bread – I used cracked wheat – next time I will use sourdough. The cracked wheat is good but it was a little too sweet in then end.

So, butter on one side and pesto spread on the other..

Slice up some yummy Gouda cheese and place on the pesto side – butter side down on the frying pan. Cook on medium for about two minutes per side.




Bon Appetit!