Puff Pastry..

My friend and fellow blogger, Kim, shared with me another blog which we now both follow.  I love to “hate” this girl..she’s like Barbie…the *&tch* has everything… I put “hate” in quotes because I don’t hate her..Its a jealousy thing..

She’s all about the traveling, cooking, dining and fashion but in a humble not so pretentious manner.. and to top it off..I’m pretty sure she gets paid to do all of this through her blog..wha??? 

Anyway, I will not bore you with my mental issues…today anyway 🙂 

This back story has a point..FOOD! Rosie turned Kim and I onto this delight! 

Now I will just tell you up front. Mine did not turn out as pretty as hers OR Kims’ for that matter… 

First issue..I had to to find out, what is Boursin cheese? Turns out..it’s just like Rondele soft cheese but you get less and pay more 🙂 Kim says its better but my memory is just not that good. Maybe, if I had them side by side I would be able to taste the diff but from my memory (my memory…not sayin’ much)  .. it tasted the same. 

Found it and bought it! 

Second issue..where the heck am I to find puff pastry? I don’t even know what that is. I thought it was the pillsbury dough boy stuff that comes in a pop can..Again, I had to use the phone a friend option..

Found it! It was hiding in the frozen pie section. 


The mayo has nothing to do with this recipe so please just ignore… 😉 


Third issue: Really Bashas?? You don’t carry Heirloom Tomotoes??  I had to go to Sprout’s ~ why is it that non of the grocery stores carrier EVERYTHING we need? It never fails. For those of you who say..Wal-Mart does..I say NO..you do not buy produce at Wal-Mart..

After a long day at work, long drive home, two grocery store trips I finally got home and started in on putting dinner together. 

It only took about 30 minutes for the puff pastry sheet to thaw out. I kept busy prepping the kitchen and then cutting up romaine lettuce, purple onion, cucumbers and tomatoes for a salad. 

Yes, it took me 30 minutes. 

Once it was thawed, I spread the Boursin (not really that easy so be careful not to tear the pastry sheet) 

Pre-heat oven to 420

Cut tomatoes


Put them on top of the cheese on top of the puff sheet and don’t forget the fresh basil! 

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and just a teeny sprinkle of sea salt.

Pop it into the oven for 20-25 minutes ~ Now…For me, I think 420 at 20-25 minutes was too much.. Look..my edges are not pretty:


It may be that I used tin foil instead of parchment paper so the tin made it cook hotter? 

In any event..it was REALLY good! The husband loved it too!! WINNING! 


Off to Fat Camp!

It is astounding at how quickly the universe and her sneaky ways can trip you up and make you feel like you have fallen flat on your face. 

Since November of last year I have been doing so well at eating right things, cutting out horrible habitual habits * aka nasty smoking habit * exercising, drinking a ton of water (well for my standards) and in general just being good to myself. 

All was rolling along great until one stupid day…nasty nasty flare up of eczema! Absolutely ruined everything..slooooowed my roll. I had to stop going to the Bikram room – heat only agitates this stupid skin allergy, I became completely obsessed with “how to fix it”, naturally of course. 

In the meantime..me completely stressing about it is doing nothing but making the problem worse. I would show you pictures but it’s just gross..seriously..google eczema if you’ve never seen it before. Not only is it gross but it itches beyond belief. Not a fun time..

Long story short..I ended up having to take 10 days of steroids. Here I am three weeks later and my exercise habits are NIL…AND..I intensly  crave nothing but food that is so not good for me. Like cheeseburgers and cupcakes. That is all I want to eat. 

In fact 🙂 Just the day before yesterday I was driving back from lunch, turned my head to the right and spotted HEAVEN ! CLICK IT …I DARE YOU! 

I ordered a strawberry cheesecake cupcake and immediately fell into addiction. I went back the next day 😦 

They didn’t have the strawberry cheesecake one so I chose the tiramisu hoping I would hate it. I was wrong it was just as moist and bursting with sweet deliciousness as yesterdays. It’s confirmed..I officially have a problem and must report to fat camp immediately! 

Be prepared for a change in posts…wine intake must sadly be reduced, no more cupcakes and I MUST get off my squishy butt~! 



Happy Earth Day 2014~!

My last post falls perfectly in alignment with Earth Day!

In my quest for non-toxic nail polish.. I actually FOUND some! This website provides a list of 12 nail polishes that are free of the top five ingredients that make nail polish oh so toxic (free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene—plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, too.)

These polishes are simply called “Five Free”

Obviously…my top choice for trial would be Chanel but..come on now…I am NOT going to pay 30.00 for a bottle of nail lacquer.

I did a little more online research and I have no idea how I found this sweet deal but I did and I HAVE to share it with you!

It’s time to clean out your nasty nail polish collection and there is no time like this week to do so!

Here is a sample of what  I will be getting rid of:


In a nutshell here’s the idea…Go to Zoya‘s website and buy a minimum of 6 of their five free nail polishes between now and April 28th and you will get each bottle 50% off! So it will end up being like 4.50 a bottle..In turn you send to Zoya six bottles of your current nail polish. Its on the honor system so you really don’t have to send in your old bottles..(but you really should..I mean why not? They will dispose of the polishes properly after all).

I can’t wait to get my order in!!


Have a Happy Earth Day and remember..this is our only planet…please..be kind to her!!

This is #mybeautifulearth






You Want Flower? Five dollar….

My Kiah told me about a new”ish” nail salon in the area that boasts using natural ingredients whenever possible with their salon services. “Naturally” I was intrigued. At the soonest possible moment I grabbed my friend, Nicole, and we headed out. Well, technically..she drove so  I guess she grabbed me..but whatever..we went here.  (Thanks Kim for showing me the linkage ways..it’s fun, easy and I will try not to overuse it!!) 

The wait was a little long, but..we did not have an appointment, they open at 0900 and we didn’t get there until 10:00 and it was a Saturday. The wait gave us a chance to choose our colors. While we were choosing, I noticed..these are regular nail polishes. Shouldn’t an “Herbal” nail bar have natural’ish’ nail colors? And then I got to thinking…does such a thing exist? I put a pin in that thought and it has stuck with me all the live long weekend… 

The wait also allowed us to check out the scenery:



I love the colors and the plants and fountain in the middle of the area. See the nail “bar” off to the right? Pretty clever.. Kinda made me crave sushi..or a margarita 😉 

When our wait was over, we scurried to our chairs, plopped down and hit the button for the massage chair with a sigh. 

I’m feeling the pink colors these days…



We both chose the coconut spa pedicure. Yes, it was as delightful as it sounds! Old polish off (again..they used nail polish remover..that has to be toxic..hmmm), soak time, scrub time to rid myself of nasty feet, you know..the usual pedi stuff.  With the addition of this pretty little tray set up: 


Nothing fancy but a teeny incline above “the other” strip mall nail spas. I really like the use of the lemon instead of alcohol to remove excess oils..Fresh lemon smells so good and its cleansing properties are great! win win!! 

They have two girly pedicure chairs ~  I so wanted to get my big butt into one and have Nicole take my picture..sadly..there were two little girls hogging up the chairs the entire time I was there…pshht.

They were something along the lines of this picture I pulled from the internet:




Here’s a little glance at their menu: 


The pricing is pretty good, especially considering the extra services that are provided. I suggest going when you have a couple of hours to kill during your day. Drive time, wait time and pedi time you’re gonna need it! 

This trip..I had time to kill, the need for a couple hours of pampering and reconnecting with a girlfriend who is just as (if not more so) busy as I. 

Now it’s time to back track a bit..remember when I told you I got curious about “natural” nail polish? I was serious when I said it has stuck with me since..Today..I found online there are quite a few nail polishes that have been created without the five major ingredients that make nail polish toxic. (Not one of these brands were at the Herbal Nail Bar :/) 

Now I know! Time for a little nail polish replacement on the home front!! 


Culinary Bucket List 2014 ~ April

Longer days and warmer weather…summer has quickly replaced Spring! With that we need light meals that refresh our palates 😉

This months CB dish is Chicken-Pineapple Fajitas..I followed the instructions from this website (Nope…I still do not know how to make a link with just a word…sighhhh) http://www.bhg.com/recipe/beef/chicken-pineapple-fajitas/

The hardest part of this recipe was cutting the pineapple. I’ll be honest..I had never cut a pineapple before last night.


I didn’t like it..way to much work.. I will recruit a sous chef to do this task next time I make something with fresh pineapple.

You are supposed to brown the pineapple in a pan..WARNING..this takes some time..who has the patience to allow these things to brown?? I waited and waited then flipped then waited some more. Grew impatience then took those slices off the pan, threw a few more on and moved onto taking the middle out and cutting the good bits into pieces.



Remember when I asked who had time to allow these babies to brown?? Well. suggestion..find

something else to do, you’ll forget about the pineapple and VOILA…they will brown! 🙂

This batch came out much better..while I was cutting up the not so brown fruit..the others were left alone to do their job.


I started this post in the middle of the process..sorry, the pineapple fiasco was a big deal and I had to get that off my chest right away. Before the fruit drama…I grabbed a big metal bowl, tossed in some sliced up chicken breast, baby sweet peppers, Caribbean Jerk marinade and some pepper and I let that sit while I was tending to the ‘apples.

After the fruit is done and set off to the side, I used the same pan to fry up the meat and peppers:


Jason and Kiah opted out of the pineapple…they missed out.



So good. Zingy taste with a little bit of fresh sweetness and lets face it..EVERYthing is better with cilantro!

Eet smakelijk!