You Want Flower? Five dollar….

My Kiah told me about a new”ish” nail salon in the area that boasts using natural ingredients whenever possible with their salon services. “Naturally” I was intrigued. At the soonest possible moment I grabbed my friend, Nicole, and we headed out. Well, technically..she drove so  I guess she grabbed me..but whatever..we went here.  (Thanks Kim for showing me the linkage’s fun, easy and I will try not to overuse it!!) 

The wait was a little long, but..we did not have an appointment, they open at 0900 and we didn’t get there until 10:00 and it was a Saturday. The wait gave us a chance to choose our colors. While we were choosing, I noticed..these are regular nail polishes. Shouldn’t an “Herbal” nail bar have natural’ish’ nail colors? And then I got to thinking…does such a thing exist? I put a pin in that thought and it has stuck with me all the live long weekend… 

The wait also allowed us to check out the scenery:



I love the colors and the plants and fountain in the middle of the area. See the nail “bar” off to the right? Pretty clever.. Kinda made me crave sushi..or a margarita 😉 

When our wait was over, we scurried to our chairs, plopped down and hit the button for the massage chair with a sigh. 

I’m feeling the pink colors these days…



We both chose the coconut spa pedicure. Yes, it was as delightful as it sounds! Old polish off (again..they used nail polish remover..that has to be toxic..hmmm), soak time, scrub time to rid myself of nasty feet, you know..the usual pedi stuff.  With the addition of this pretty little tray set up: 


Nothing fancy but a teeny incline above “the other” strip mall nail spas. I really like the use of the lemon instead of alcohol to remove excess oils..Fresh lemon smells so good and its cleansing properties are great! win win!! 

They have two girly pedicure chairs ~  I so wanted to get my big butt into one and have Nicole take my picture..sadly..there were two little girls hogging up the chairs the entire time I was there…pshht.

They were something along the lines of this picture I pulled from the internet:




Here’s a little glance at their menu: 


The pricing is pretty good, especially considering the extra services that are provided. I suggest going when you have a couple of hours to kill during your day. Drive time, wait time and pedi time you’re gonna need it! 

This trip..I had time to kill, the need for a couple hours of pampering and reconnecting with a girlfriend who is just as (if not more so) busy as I. 

Now it’s time to back track a bit..remember when I told you I got curious about “natural” nail polish? I was serious when I said it has stuck with me since..Today..I found online there are quite a few nail polishes that have been created without the five major ingredients that make nail polish toxic. (Not one of these brands were at the Herbal Nail Bar :/) 

Now I know! Time for a little nail polish replacement on the home front!! 



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