Happy Earth Day 2014~!

My last post falls perfectly in alignment with Earth Day!

In my quest for non-toxic nail polish.. I actually FOUND some! This website provides a list of 12 nail polishes that are free of the top five ingredients that make nail polish oh so toxic (free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene—plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, too.)

These polishes are simply called “Five Free”

Obviously…my top choice for trial would be Chanel but..come on now…I am NOT going to pay 30.00 for a bottle of nail lacquer.

I did a little more online research and I have no idea how I found this sweet deal but I did and I HAVE to share it with you!

It’s time to clean out your nasty nail polish collection and there is no time like this week to do so!

Here is a sample of what  I will be getting rid of:


In a nutshell here’s the idea…Go to Zoya‘s website and buy a minimum of 6 of their five free nail polishes between now and April 28th and you will get each bottle 50% off! So it will end up being like 4.50 a bottle..In turn you send to Zoya six bottles of your current nail polish. Its on the honor system so you really don’t have to send in your old bottles..(but you really should..I mean why not? They will dispose of the polishes properly after all).

I can’t wait to get my order in!!


Have a Happy Earth Day and remember..this is our only planet…please..be kind to her!!

This is #mybeautifulearth







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