Back to Our Roots

I am a either a hypocrite, lazy or just ignorant. I am leaning more towards..chosen ignorance. Here’s the deal..I despise big commercial farming. BUT I am also super guilty of buying beef, chicken and other meat products from the grocery store and I KNOW..they come from big commercial farms. It’s easy. I try try try…as much as humanly possible to buy local and grass fed meat products but let’s face it…it’s really not that cheap and not that easy to come by…

This weekend Jason and I spent some time with friends who have land and live off of it as much as possible.

Bonus number 1:


A little Chardonnay patch of their own. I would not choose a white BUT…hey..they have a choice and good on them!! πŸ™‚

Bonus number 2:


They raise their own beef. This is where I get torn.. I actually had to walk away for a few moments and take other pictures in and around the area because..I knew..those moo cows were inevitably going to be on someones plate in about a year. Luckily for those moo cows..our friends freezers a full for the time being.

I WISH..I had the ability..will power..or become a vegetarian because I am truly AM a sympathizer. But..I the taste of meat and I know the human body actually needs’s what we were designed for. This is where I become torn. I love the idea of knowing where my food comes from, what my meat has been raised on and also knowing that my food has never once been treated inhumanly. This..I can 100% the case with these cows featured in this blog.


The cycle starts with education. I was raised..not in a bad way..but like a lot of Americans..not knowing any different. Our food comes from the grocery store. That’s just the way it is. I think it’s important we teach our kids and grand kids how people survived before the “Big Mac”..Let’s get rid of the options..go back to the rustic days and live off the land!



I’ll get to that point one day..I am realizing the importance of such things more and more..everyday..


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