What is the Problem?

What is gluten and why are soooo many many Americans now all of the sudden “allergic” to it? I am a little curious about the answers to these questions but not enough to do hard core research to find out. I am certain the research would take too much time, I would forget half of it and end up down the internet rabbit hole super quick like!

So, I just want to start off by saying..I am NOT allergic (that I know of anyway) to gluten. I don’t even know if I have a “sensitivity” to the stuff. What I do know is that I have eczema and it SUCKS. Having eczema has made me more insane than “normal” and has caused me to spend endless time on the internet researching ways to get rid of this this BS..

I’ve learned stress is a huge contributor. HA! This one is funny because, I don’t think I was stressed out but maybe I was…whatever. Once an itch spot pops up..THAT..creates more stress which makes the problem even worse. So ok, let me RELAX my mind.. ohhhmmmm

Pollen is also a problem..along with dust…Awesome..I have three dogs and I live in a friggin DESERT. I better take my daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin B6, zinc…like 50-80mg a day…and zyrtec. I use Eucerin for eczema for cream.

THEN..I don’t even know how I found it BUT…white vinegar…it burns like hell but it worked..For like two weeks I walked around the house and work with a squirt bottle of vinegar. Everyone I know absolutely hated the smell so be prepared for your family, friends and co-workers to turn their noses up at you 😉 Eff ’em…seriously…it’s painful but takes the itch away.

In the last week, I have added Nasacort and tanning beds along with red light therapy. I slather myself in coconut oil after every shower and guess what? For three days I have been symptom free!

Sucky part? I have tried so many “tricks” I don’t know if one, a combo or all of them have been the remedy. 😦

My point to all of this is in my research I have also found that gluten is the devil and could be another contributing factor to my ailment. I am going to attempt a 30 day gluten free diet. Today was day one.

Go ahead and laugh..I am laughing…I am well aware that I have a terrible follow through track record but for the moment it’s a goal. I will keep you posted throughout the 30 days – periodically – only for my accountability. 😉

Tonight’s dinner was super easy, not any kind of fresh but it was gluten free.


Please note! The mushrooms may or may not be completely gluten free… I ate them but only because I am not allergic .I am only testing a drastic reduction and elimation  as much as possible. Their could be cross contamination in the mushrooms depending on the soil or which they were grown…you’d honestly have to contact the farmer to truly find out. Every other ingredient boasts “Gluten Free”

Those noodles??? Oh..em…gee..you cannot even tell they are not “real” noodles. The mister didn’t even know!!


First, I splashed a dash of avocado oil, removed the sausage from the casings and tossed them into the skillet. I threw in the entire carton of sliced mushrooms, squished three garlic cloves onto the mess and let that cook for a bit.

Sprinkled some fresh chopped basil, poured the sauce over top and let simmer for a while….Until the mister and I were HUNGRY..

Then I started the noodles. It does seem the gluten free noodles take about 3-4 minutes longer to be done than regular noodles.

Voila! :








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