It’s a Girls Day Out…

Crap, I was supposed to wake up, at the latest, 0700. The plan was to hit the 0915 Power Yoga class at Sutra Midtown ~ the drive is a little over 15 miles.

Yea, well Kiah didn’t wake me up until after way were we going to make it.. Instead we figured we could make it to the Basic Yoga class at 1045, be done in time for lunch! Perfecto!

We left in a timely manner but stupid construction put us a little bit behind schedule..that and the weirdos on the road doing like five miles UNDER the speed limit..Honestly..I really don’t understand..

I wanted to take some pictures of the place for the you all but we got there just in time to toss our belongings into a cubby and head to class!

From the spacious front room – decorated with super cute yoga apparel along with walls clad with amazing local art – the front desk attendant walked us through the clean hall and into the “dungeoneaque” practice space. The entry door was really was made of iron and had welding marks.. like it was a bunch of little iron piece welded together..and it was a sliding door.

The room was dimly lit and was full of aspiring yogis in savasana setting all intentions. Kiah and I followed suit.

Just like yoga practice has been random and inconsistent. With that said..My skill level is somewhere between a beginner and the intermediate level. These past few months have set me back so my STRENGTH is totally at a beginner level.. This class actually worked out pretty well.

The instructor reminded me of Seth Meyers a little (1st impression) as the class (slowly) progressed..I was beginning to work deeper into going back to the basics. Damn…that was tough. I forgot how much hard work it is to build strength. I was surprised my legs were so weak, my wrists had a hard time holding on and that I actually broke a sweat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mr instructor did such a great job at reminding us to root ourselves and to keep breathing. Those who don’t yoga..yes…we doing yoga…must sometimes be reminded to BREATHE ๐Ÿ˜‰

Although I would have much preferred an intermediate class (they flow faster and require less my opinion) it was great to get back to the basics and the instructor did a wonderful job at reeling me back in. I will definitely be back to see what else Midtown Sutra has to offer!

And…next time I go back…I will take pictures..the vibe of the place is have to see it..

After class, we jumped into the ridiculously HOT car (thank you to the brilliant man who invented window coverings for cars!!!) and drove downtown for a little lunch.

Again..traffic was HORRIBLE..guess who forgot this weekend was Phoenix COMICON.?? decision but we stuck it out. I am pretty sure we drove around for like 25 minutes trying to fight traffic and figure out how to get to the restaurant before finding the parking garage adjacent to out destination.

Walking to the Pizzaria Bianco was like walking in an’s friggin HOT here.


I have been obsessing about this place for months having heard it was one of the best pizzas in the nation..naturally I was curious!ย  Surprisingly, the wait was not too long and we were seated within two minutes of arriving. The inside is super small, the tables too close together and the acoustics are not that was loud. We opted to dine outside. Thankfully, there was a little bit of a breeze, some shading and we had cold cold drinks..I prefer dining outdoors so I was completely OK with it.



The staff was wonderful. So attentive but not annoyingly so…and the lady who brought us our AH MA ZING pizza margarita even entertained us and took a picture of me and my lovely when I asked her to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks lady!!

Now..check out the goods:


Thin crust with just the right amount of crunch with every bite. The freshness of the tomatoes and sauce is well worth the 15.00 we paid for this little pizza. The mozzarella cheese was perfect and the basil…mon amie…I am not a pizza expert and have no idea what constitutes the best pizza in the nation but I would imagine this place deserves big props for what they create.

Here’s a tip thoug…if you are dining with a male…you’ll need to orderย  two pizzas…Kiah and I could have probably eaten one per.. we are thanking ourselves for not because that would have been glutenous of us but..we totally could have..

We tossed around the idea of checking the menu again for maybe some dessert or a salad..luckily we just paid the check and left.

Half way home Kiah spotted a little cupcake shop she’s been wanting to try out so I swung around and we went in.


The Treehouse Bakery is a vegan bakery..


The selection was not big but they did have the vanilla, chocolate and an interesting combo of strawberry basil..I am curious about that one so I just might have to go back for that one.

The lady behind the counter amused me when I asked her to find the biggest one because Kiah and wanted to share one ๐Ÿ™‚ and then she offered to us thisย  cappuccino hazelnut delight!

I am not sure how, without butter, she made the frosting taste so buttery but it was super good!! Glad we stopped. ๐Ÿ™‚









Culinary Bucket List 2014 ~ June

It’s Friday night…I did NOT want to cook. I wanted to go out for dinner. This is an extremely rare want. I almost never want to go out to eat. It seems, to me, to be a waste of money. 98% of the time, I can’t help but think.., “Jason and/or I could have made a meal just as good..if not better than this.”

Now, I understand the whole dining out experience might be more about the social aspect — and bonus…there is no clean up. However…contrary to my drunken self..I am not that social of a being ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back to point… I didn’t want to cook, ended up cooking because the mister had band rehearsal…**Oh the woes of being married to a musician ** ๐Ÿ˜‰

Somehow I came across this recipe and thought it would be good to try out! I am all about eating clean andย  healthy these days..

I stopped by the grocers on the way home from a stupid day at work and picked up all I needed (and of course a bottle of Rose)


I really had like three projects going on here. 1st was salmon patties…2nd was parsnip fries and lastly was a fresh spinach/Parmesan side.

I started with the parsnip fries first. I’ll be honest..I’ve NEVER tasted a parsnip..ever..

At this moment..I still don’t even have an idea as to what they are or what they are good for. EH..well I mean obviously…they’re some sort of root?? Like a potato..but not?

Anyway..I started with those.. They suck to cut. I was not sure if I was supposed to leave the core in the mix or some pieces had core and some did not..

This is the recipe I used :




Jason did not like the parsnips.. I am still thinking about them..Not so sure.. I think I needed to have baked them for longer than 12 minutes. Maybe 20. Interesting is the only word that came to mind.

After that experiment was done I moved on to the salmon patties.

For the most part, I followed the recipe..But CLEARLY..did something wrong..

I started Quinoa then moved on..

Chopped the green onions, cilantro tossed them into the blender and added some lemon zest. The recipe called for Herbamare..I didnt have I googled an alternative (serisouly…what the hek did stupid people do without the internet????)ย  I found this… I only had..sea salt, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil (but I forgot to add the basil..nbd)

Blended then added the cooked quinoa, blended again..added salmon (Canned wild caught salmon)

Hey guess what??!! This is a public service announcement..DO NOT..STICK A KNIFE INTO A MOVING BLENDER.. I almost lost my eye.. I have NO idea why I thought it was OK but yea..I stuck a knife into the blender..while it was blending and a piece of plastic from the top busted off and ricochade off the side, came out and almost stabbed me in the eye… mmhmm..

At that point I decided it was best to just put everything in a metal bowl and just hand mix. :/


** This is pre-knife in blender**

After all was mixed, I made the patties –




So they didnt work out THAT well..Super hard to flip. I figured out at the end..I made them too big..easier to flip and cook when they are half the size.


Those being as done as they are going to get…I started the spinach..

Same pan…splash of avocado oil I threw in the fresh greens and cooked until wilted.. Done..tossed into a mixing bowl and sprinkled with fresh grated Parmesan.. This..I have to say…was my favorite part of this dish.




I can’t say..” You MUST try this” It’s OK..not amazing BUT..It’s healthy..clean and with some work, thought and manipulation…it could be something delish!! I just might..think on some adjustment and may try again.