99 Days of Freedom..The Facebook Challenge

Crackbook, Wastebook. Both names and more are accurate descriptions of the ever popular social media website that is…Facebook.

The idea is great, this one website brings together long lost friends, keeps us current with our circle of friends and introduces us to new friends in different circles. All fun and games until the drama takes hold. Posts from “friends” become political, whiny or simply fake. Meanwhile, the down to earth people who tell it like it is..start becoming jaded and irritated at their “friends”. The downward spiral begins. 

The other day I found myself scrolling through random posts (in between Candy Crush lives) and came across “99 Days of Freedom”.

Intrigued, I read a bit of the website and the premise behind the 99 Days. Apparently, there was some Facebook drama about moods or whatever..I didn’t read too much into it..all I saw..was a scape goat.. A chance to log off Facebook for a number of months just because.

I did it.

For me, it had nothing to do with the Facebook mood thing. The moment I logged out I didnt know why I wanted out all I know was that apparently I had been looking for an excuse and I found it.

I think it’s been six days and I have not felt better… Facebook, had been bringing me down. I now feel so grateful for the true immediate friends and family I do have.

Every few days or so  I receive an email from Facebook tantalizing me..trying to get m to log back in because I have missed this many notifications, this many posts on my wall, so many pokes, a few messages, yada yada yada.

I let out a teeny giggle  and DELETE.

Here’s the website…give it a look and maybe make a break for it!






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3 thoughts on “99 Days of Freedom..The Facebook Challenge”

  1. Good for you. I wish I could do it, maybe now it would be easier. But it’s been such a mind numbing activity for me the past couple of weeks.
    Stay strong friend and see you soon.

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