And It’s Back to the Grind…

It’s official..the holiday season is over.  I started my last day of freedom (ya know..back to full work weeks..) with a few large cups of coffee and a tasty little breakfast.

Jason tells me I am the best breakfast maker, he loves my eggs, bacon and toast breakfasts. I secretly know he tells me this because he doesn’t want to make breakfast and he wants me in the kitchen cooking his breakfast and serving it to him and I am OK with that. Sorry, feminists 😉

Today, there would be no fried eggs. For some off the wall reason, the previous day, I decided to boil all of our eggs.

I jumped online and found an easy quick recipe for boiled eggs spread.

Instead of frying the pound of bacon, I baked it for 15 minutes at 400 F, chopped up a bunch of scallions, and slathered it in mayonnaise. Toasted some bread and voila…a tasty, faced breakfast sandwich.


It’s not the prettiest but it was good..I promise!

Breakfast was followed by our new favorite past time..finding new TV shows to watch on Netflix. We powered through the first two seasons of Orange is the New Black over the holidays..great show and I read it is based on a true story! I may have to put the book on my “to read” this year.

We’re now hooked on House of Cards..good show. It takes some effort to keep up because it’s a political drama with all of the shady business but good scandals for sure… 🙂

So was turning into a super lazy day. I had great intentions of jumping on my bike for a nice ride at some point in the day but there were so many things to distract me!



House projects I will certainly never complete.

The internet is the devil (or is it my own mind?). Somehow, my thoughts turned to home projects. It started out with an online search for a new area rug, then on to book shelves, on to reading chairs, on to ceiling beams, on to whiskey barrel coffee tables ( I stayed on this one for a while..plotting to make my own starting with phone calls to Arizona Wineries to see how much they would charge me for an empty one)  on to Candy Crush. 🙂 The good thing about Candy Crush is you eventually run out of lives..what better way to pass the time while new lives generate than to pack away Christmas?


See? I NEED a new bookcase! Christmas packed away, tree taken to the recycle center. Which by the way if you are not sure where to bring your “live” tree go to Earth911 and they will provide you the closest recycling center to your location. It’s not only for Christmas Trees either! It’s a handy website with plenty of information to distract you from your workouts! 🙂

For a lot of us..our last day of freedom is over and it’s back to the grind tomorrow so I wish everyone a beautiful week!!


There’s Always Tomorrow..

Motivation and self control are playing a mean game of “keep away” from me!

Good lord, eating right, exercising and being nice are difficult!

My story is the same as everyone else’s ~ “I was doing so good” and then…. There is always an “and then” isn’t there?

November through March.. I had not had any fast food and I was a Bikram Yoga going fool!

And then… as I mentioned in a previous post…the eczema issues arose..I’m still battling it BUT it is not as horrible as it was. I am still afraid to sweat which makes it difficult to not be bummed out and shovel food in my face. I mean serisouly..I don’t necessarily have to sweat and heat up horribly to burn some calories..I just need to eat better and move start again, right?

Well, that’s when motivation and self control come into play..and by play..I mean they are completely messing with me right now.

Today, I started out with excellent intentions..I had an Herbal Life cafe mocha healthy meal shake plus a couple of protein scoops added some ice and was off to work..Happy as a clam  ** uh oh..side bar..who knows how happy a clam is and why is this a saying?? **

The plan was also to have a shake for lunch, with almond milk…


and then I would make a decent meal for dinner..


And then…

The boss man announced, “Pizza’s here”!

Pizza is ALWAYS good but when it is from Roasati’s ??? Its almost irresistible.  And what I mean by almost..I mean COMPLETELY irresistible.


I ate what is featured above PLUS…two more of the little slices. :/

On a brighter least I didn’t drink the shake too!! 😉 You know me…always looking for a silver lining. 😀

There’s always tomorrow!!

Off to Fat Camp!

It is astounding at how quickly the universe and her sneaky ways can trip you up and make you feel like you have fallen flat on your face. 

Since November of last year I have been doing so well at eating right things, cutting out horrible habitual habits * aka nasty smoking habit * exercising, drinking a ton of water (well for my standards) and in general just being good to myself. 

All was rolling along great until one stupid day…nasty nasty flare up of eczema! Absolutely ruined everything..slooooowed my roll. I had to stop going to the Bikram room – heat only agitates this stupid skin allergy, I became completely obsessed with “how to fix it”, naturally of course. 

In the completely stressing about it is doing nothing but making the problem worse. I would show you pictures but it’s just eczema if you’ve never seen it before. Not only is it gross but it itches beyond belief. Not a fun time..

Long story short..I ended up having to take 10 days of steroids. Here I am three weeks later and my exercise habits are NIL…AND..I intensly  crave nothing but food that is so not good for me. Like cheeseburgers and cupcakes. That is all I want to eat. 

In fact 🙂 Just the day before yesterday I was driving back from lunch, turned my head to the right and spotted HEAVEN ! CLICK IT …I DARE YOU! 

I ordered a strawberry cheesecake cupcake and immediately fell into addiction. I went back the next day 😦 

They didn’t have the strawberry cheesecake one so I chose the tiramisu hoping I would hate it. I was wrong it was just as moist and bursting with sweet deliciousness as yesterdays. It’s confirmed..I officially have a problem and must report to fat camp immediately! 

Be prepared for a change in posts…wine intake must sadly be reduced, no more cupcakes and I MUST get off my squishy butt~! 



This had to be documented…

Since the end of November 2013, I have been involved in some serious self torture. The people of Bikram say, we endure ninety minutes of torture so we do not have to spend ninety years in torture or something like that…basically suck it up for an hour and a half a few days a the twenty six poses to the best of your ability – but with proper alignment – and the benefits you reap are endless.

I am not hear to preach or try to bring all of you to the “dark side” (Although..really…you should try it..I feel so soft, lungs are clear, I feel strong and tall even though I am only 5’3)…but again..I tell you..I promise I am not here for this..

I am here to say..OH..MY..GOODNESS.. I woke up at 430 this morning and made it to a hot yoga sesh at 530..IN THE MORNING…BEFORE work!! 

For WEEKS now I have been hopeful and planning and setting alarm clocks only to shut them right off and go back to sleep.. On this day..I DID IT..

Admitting, I am pretty sure the only reason I was able to do so was because I stuffed my belly full of pasta, ice cream and honey fried bananas and fell asleep at 830 the night before…

None the less…I DID IT and I have not been able to wipe the grin off my face this entire day.

Bag packed with clothes for the day, mat, towel and water in tow I headed out at 0515!! Thankfully class is not too far from home: If you live in the area and you’re into self torture…come take a class with me!! The studio is new”ish” to our area, clean and the people are so friendly and encouraging!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to make a 530 am class again but I’ll keep trying because this feeling of accomplishment is almost as good as the feeling I feel after I am done with class.

Namaste…bitches 😉




Who do I talk to about adding more time to our daily clocks?? Is it just me or would everyone else benefit from having more than twenty-four hours in a day?

I don’t know about you.. but I honestly can’t seem to squeeze in work, exercise, cleaning, family time, husband time, ME time, fun time, friend time OH annnnd SLEEP time in just twenty-four hours!

This dilemma has prompted me to take a look at a few things I can change. The first one being to wake up earlier. In my mind I know what I need to do to get up earlier..DUH..just get up earlier, right?

So much easier said than done!

I DO NOT WAKE UP. When I’m up..I’m up but it’s the whole getting me out of bed thing where the problem begins.

Example..last Thursday Kiah and I set our alarms for 05:00 so we could go for a little two mile run before our day began. After thirty minutes of riding the snooze button train, I saw Kiahs light on in her bedroom..She’s the good one..she was getting ready to run. Me? I yell from the warm coziness of my bed, ” KIAH…GO BACK TO BED”. She gladly obeyed. 🙂

My new short term goal is now to get me out of bed early enough to get a two mile run in, come home, shower and get to work..maybe even on time?

My first step towards succeeding in my goal…I googled, “How to wake up earlier” Do you know there is actually a wiki how to?

I have actually tried ALL of these methods in the past and they just..don’t…work. Maybe now that I have an actual goal of getting my exercise in first thing before work..maybe now it will work.

I started with the most basic. Set the alarm thirty minutes earlier than I need to wake up. Hey! I actually woke up on time! No..not at the 05:30 hour I had set the alarm for but the 06:00 hour which is the real hour I am supposed to wake up.

Tomorrow..yes, tomorrow is the day my plan will work!