And It’s Back to the Grind…

It’s official..the holiday season is over.  I started my last day of freedom (ya know..back to full work weeks..) with a few large cups of coffee and a tasty little breakfast.

Jason tells me I am the best breakfast maker, he loves my eggs, bacon and toast breakfasts. I secretly know he tells me this because he doesn’t want to make breakfast and he wants me in the kitchen cooking his breakfast and serving it to him and I am OK with that. Sorry, feminists 😉

Today, there would be no fried eggs. For some off the wall reason, the previous day, I decided to boil all of our eggs.

I jumped online and found an easy quick recipe for boiled eggs spread.

Instead of frying the pound of bacon, I baked it for 15 minutes at 400 F, chopped up a bunch of scallions, and slathered it in mayonnaise. Toasted some bread and voila…a tasty, faced breakfast sandwich.


It’s not the prettiest but it was good..I promise!

Breakfast was followed by our new favorite past time..finding new TV shows to watch on Netflix. We powered through the first two seasons of Orange is the New Black over the holidays..great show and I read it is based on a true story! I may have to put the book on my “to read” this year.

We’re now hooked on House of Cards..good show. It takes some effort to keep up because it’s a political drama with all of the shady business but good scandals for sure… 🙂

So was turning into a super lazy day. I had great intentions of jumping on my bike for a nice ride at some point in the day but there were so many things to distract me!



House projects I will certainly never complete.

The internet is the devil (or is it my own mind?). Somehow, my thoughts turned to home projects. It started out with an online search for a new area rug, then on to book shelves, on to reading chairs, on to ceiling beams, on to whiskey barrel coffee tables ( I stayed on this one for a while..plotting to make my own starting with phone calls to Arizona Wineries to see how much they would charge me for an empty one)  on to Candy Crush. 🙂 The good thing about Candy Crush is you eventually run out of lives..what better way to pass the time while new lives generate than to pack away Christmas?


See? I NEED a new bookcase! Christmas packed away, tree taken to the recycle center. Which by the way if you are not sure where to bring your “live” tree go to Earth911 and they will provide you the closest recycling center to your location. It’s not only for Christmas Trees either! It’s a handy website with plenty of information to distract you from your workouts! 🙂

For a lot of us..our last day of freedom is over and it’s back to the grind tomorrow so I wish everyone a beautiful week!!


Boring?? Maybe to some…

Some might say my weekend was “boring”. What is boring? To me, nothing I do is boring – there are no boring moments, it’s all in how you look at those….let’s call them…uneventful, moments.
The hubs was feeling under the weather, down with a lovely little chest cold.
Friday afternoon..after work, I drove straight to Trader Joes to grab something quick to whip up for dinner and of course a bottle of wine. 🙂 Yes, I admit it..I am a wino.
In the wine section, there behind a portable wine tasting cart, (hmm, I’ve never seen that before) was a man who asked me if I needed any help. I had been eyeballing a couple of wines in the Spanish wine section. Since my trip to Spain, I fancy Spanish wines the most. I  told the man, yes, I hoped he could help me. I found a super cheap (4.99) bottle of wine from Tempernillo and I wondered if he knew anything about it or had he ever tried it, what were his thoughts?
He had never tried but he did go to his handy dandy wine booklet and read to me the process and we found the grapes are from the Rioja valley – I love a good Rioja so I told him..Sold, thanks for your help!

It took me less time to select an easy dinner for the night. I picked up a couple of pouches of beef bolognese ravioli and coupled it with a beef bolognese red sauce. I know, I know, maybe one day I will make my own raviolis..but for that night…it was already six p.m by the time I got home. I don’t know how long it takes to make home made raviolis but certainly it would take more time than I was willing to wait for dinner to be served. Besides, the pre-made ones from Trader Joes are actually pretty tasty and in less than 15 minutes we were ready to eat.

The wine I selected wasn’t horrible wasn’t great either. I don’t think I will be buying another bottle.

The rest of Friday night was spent vegetating on the couch watching movies, I honestly don’t remember which movies we watched nor what time it was we fell asleep.

It must have been pretty early though because I woke up at six am ready for coffee and a jaunt to the grocery store. I was excited to try out a new recipe my sister in law told me about (check out her blog page ) She gave me the link to the egg salad recipe but I didn’t use that one – I lost it so I had to google another one. It called for eggs, avocado, radishes, green onion and mayo. I threw in cilantro as well because — everything is better with cilantro!  I liked the mix but I think I was expecting it to be a little more flavorful..Jason really enjoyed it..Phew! He is always so skeptical at trying “my” new dishes, so I was glad to know his mouth and belly were happy! 😀

The remainder of the day we watched movies..Comdey Central was the movie channel for the day – I think we may have watched four or five movies..Saving Silverman (an old one but neither J nor I had actually seen the movie all the way through before), Get him to the Greek..(always a funny one..I’m pretty sure we have both seen it now at least three times) and I can’t remember the other two.

On the menu for dinner that evening was Turkey burgers..Our friends Shane turned us on to this awesomeness. One lb. of Turkey, one packet of onion soup mix, a tub of feta cheese and one egg (ya make all that other stuff stick). Jason was still not feeling well so grilling the burgers was not an option – nope, I don’t know how to cook on a grill – I broiled them in the oven on high for seven minutes on each side…I also learned how to make corn on the cob. That’s right, I had never boiled corn on the cob before Saturday night. It was all delicious – I think I could eat those burgers every day – I don’t think my taste buds would ever tire of the taste.

Full bellies from a day of nothing but eating and tele was another night of early to bed!